Feng Shui in Interior Design

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If you have ever wanted to practice the art of interior design with a deeper meaning, feng shui is the way to go. Now technically, feng shui is not a sort of science rather, it is considered pseudoscientific, meaning to mistakenly be considered as something based on scientific research but in reality, is not. Furthermore, it originated from both Indian and Chinese ancestry. The phrase used in India which is, vastu shastra, quite literally means “building science”. Years later, when the Indians who practiced vastu shastra, mostly monks, crossed into China, the Chinese took in the ways of building science and adapted it into practices of feng shui. Translated from Chinese, feng means wind and shui means water. Feng shui is, as a whole, the art of arranging objects or even buildings a certain way to allow harmony and balance to be present. Even though this is not scientifically proven, feng shui has been proven to be rather calming for most people, making them feel at peace when objects are in the right place. You can seek guidance on feng shui from anywhere in Malaysia since there are multiple places where they provide the service of helping people, usually with arranging furniture in their house to achieve good feng shui. You can even find a few feng shui consultation experts in TTDI and Titiwangsa.

Feng shui is said to help good energy surround the area, be it your office or your home, it can help destress you and rid of any bad energy. This is because when you’re feeling tired and you get home to a mess or a certain arrangement that feels off, your stress will remain, or even increase. However, imagine coming back to a pleasantly aesthetic or ideal interior design that just shows that it’s your home, with the furniture where it’s supposed to be, you’re not bumping into things because everything is placed so strategically. The stress melts away. This is needed especially if you work and live in a busy city like Bangsar.

One of the elements looked at with feng shui is water. Feng shui experts say that the element of water like a fish tank or water fountains placed in the northern corner of the area can help with communication among your family members. To substitute, you could also place glass associated with the colours, blue or black. Other than that, to improve the stability of the relationship with your family, adding earth elements are the way. Using colours like light browns or shades of yellow and orange. Since this is to improve relationship stability, the important point is to place these related objects or colours in the centre point of the home.

If there’s water and earth, of course there will be other elements that are helpful to organize your home with feng shui. Fire elements help fire up drive and productiveness in a home. Typically in the southern corner of a room or house, red is a great colour to represent fire. However, if red does not go well with your initial interior decorations, you can easily use a candle or a lamp to represent fire. Alongside that, elements like wood and metal are important too. Wood elements like wooden floors or walls just just using correlated colours like brown and green, commonly placed in the eastern corner of your home. As for metal, which is said to help bring financial stability, stuff that is coloured gold, silver, grey or any other metallic colour should be fine. As well as pieces of stone, marble or metal itself.

As I mentioned, feng shui might not be something scientifically proven however, it has some sort of psychological effect on the human mind. Proven to be calming, decrease stress, as well as achieve a balance in mind. Thus, why not try to incorporate feng shui into your homes, you might feel a little better.

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