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In this modern era, there are some of the trends that have been appearing over the last few years in the Anime Industry. This anime industry will definitely lead to further International influences in the market and variations within the established systems and rules.  If these influences are to become positive or negative is still to see in the future. But we can definitely state that things are starting to drastically change within the industry. As for topics that should be further explored within this area, there would be the case of the unbelievable success that some specific Animated Movies that aired in Japanese theatres over the last year have had on the overall nuance of Anime within Japan and also its impacts on the global market. Let’s hope for the future of the Anime Industry in this new Global Environment to be a prosperous one. The future of Anime is that it may not be what it is now. Take-home pay for an Animator sometimes falls below 100,000 yen ($1,050). The exhausting work environment for thousands of young animators reflects an industry in decline in Japan.

Impact of internet on Asian markets

Free Internet services are hurting sales of DVDs and high-quality programs from studios in China and South Korea are crowding the Asian market. Sales of DVD and other software featuring Japanese animation movies fell to 77.9 billion yen ($825 million) in 2008, from the peak of 97 billion yen in 2005. Even more worrying is the shrinking population of children in Japan, which discourages traditional sponsors like toymakers and TV networks from providing funds to make new programs. Outsourcing the process of drawing sketches to lower-cost nations would mean the loss of training ground for future leaders and the young energy the industry desperately needs.

Anime is changing, and this change is happening in two ways: the kuuki-kei, or airy/atmospheric, the term lines up best with “slice of life” anime which seem to be getting more air time is a representation of commoditization of anime.

After nearly 50 years, they’ve found the formula that works. And there’s nothing wrong with that – anime is a business too. It is also becoming more experimental, on the other hand. It is just that experimentation may not be occurring inside Japan.

The future of anime is bright

For every Tatami Galaxy made in Japan, there’s at least one My Beautiful Girl Mari. Anime has become a “super establishment system,” where nothing can be changed. That doesn’t mean they’ll be no creativity within anime, it’s just that the term anime either needs to expand beyond the borders of Japan, or that creativity in animation will find a home in other countries, and Japan, like America, will be left to produce bad cartoons ad infinitum, until something like Avatar comes along, years later, to liven things up again. The future of anime is brighter.

The future of anime in Malaysia

Malaysia is a country that accepts the variations and changes warmly. This country adopts the modern trends abruptly, and this is the reason that this country has become successful in almost every business including the anime business. Anime merchandise stores in Malaysia are the symbol of a successful business. Check out to see the best anime merchandise in Malaysia.

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