Bandar Botanic

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Bandar Botanic

Bandar Botanic is developed as part of a major Township project by Gamuda Berhad and developed by Harum Intisari Sdn Bhd. This project cost RM 3 billion to build adjoining next to other townships such as Glenmarie Cove and Bandar Bukit Tinggi. Bandar Botanic is located in the southern part of Klang, Selangor, Malaysia. This project is to intertwine outdoor and indoor activity by inter knitting nature homogeneously into the lifestyle of the community, where the people can enjoy a symphonious and eco-friendly environment for the years to come. 

The housing estate in Bandar Botanic consists with a mix of Bungalow houses, semi-detached houses, shop offices, link homes, and even apartments. There are even bungalow plots that are available to purchase, which will allow people to build their own dream house.

The residents of Bandar Botanic should have easy access to the highway NKVE and KESAS. Giving the convenience for people who wish to drive to another city for either work or traveling purposes. With the creation of Bandar Botanic, there has been an in population in Klang, where people are moving into this township as it offers lots of attractions. Amenities are not an issue in Bandar Botanic as it has many amenities inside and around the township such as shopping centers like Aeon Bukit Tinggi, Tesco, and Giant, to do your shopping and grocery shopping. There are also nearby banks in Bandar Botanic such as Hong Leong Bank and Bank Islam. Post office is also available if you wish to deliver any parcels.

Foodie Haven

The township is also a good travel destination for foodies as it has different types of cuisines that foodies can enjoy ranging from western food to local food. The food available there is suitable for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Foodies don’t have to worry about the food is not suitable for the particular time of the day.


Just like any other townships in Malaysia, Bandar Botanic offers attraction spots for tourists and residents of the place to go to for leisure time. For example, the perfect spot for family activities are Bandar Botanik Park, Bandar Botanik Garden, and Ambang Botanic Lakeside to name a few. There is also a Hindu Temple at Bandar Botanic for sightseeing if one enjoys this kind of activity. Besides that, there are also hotels in Bandar Botanik if you wish to stay a night in that township. Finding accommodation will not be a problem for visitors to that place.

Bandar Botanic has the potential to be a major tourist attraction. Given its strategic location, Bandar Botanic, will not have a problem in attracting locals and expatriates to move into the township. To add on, this township has everything that is needed for a comfortable living, as a lot of things are in close proximity of the place such as banks, post office, shopping centers, food court and so on. With the structure of the township, more and more businesses will be operated in Bandar Botanic, thus, providing more job opportunities for people living in that area. Hence, Bandar Botanik will sustain itself for the years to come.

Bandar Botanic