Bored Of Using Your Hands? Buy A Sex Toy


Masturbation is usually carried out by using your hands. When someone starts exploring their bodies for the first time, they tend to use their hands because it’s the closest and easiest way to do it. Your hands are the first things that allow your body to feel pleasure. Once you have accessed the pleasure sectors of your body, you will want to explore more of it soon enough. You will realise that stimulating your other parts of erogenous zones with your hands such as your nipples, neck and thighs will allow you to feel a new experience. 

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However, overtime, you might become bored. This is normal because the human brain tends to work that way. When you are in a continuous routine, it will become normalised and boring. So, if you want to switch things up, you should add in some sex toys. It might seem overwhelming at first, but it is not as complex as it seems. 

Sex toys are built for nothing but pleasure. They are designed according to the tastes and desires of your bodies. Anyone can use sex toys, regardless of your gender, sexuality and sexual orientation. Sex toys comes in all shapes, sizes and colours. They vary in function and usually satisfy the taste, kinks and fetishes of people.

Here are three of the most common sex toys for everyone to use. 


Dildo’s are shaped in a phallic way. They imitate the shape, texture and size of the male genitalia. Yes, you read that right, they imitate the texture as well. The male genitalia usually have veins on them when erect, the dildos have this texture on them as well. These dildos are used for the penetration of the orifices in our bodies. They can be used orally or anally, or both at the same time. Some of the dildos have two prongs and they vibrate as well. These types of dildo are usually targeted to women, as they can stimulate the g-spot and clitoris at the same time. 

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Vibrators are used for stimulating the clitoris. They vibrate at different speeds and intensities. Stimulation of the clitoris usually can make a woman reach climax quite easily. It is the only part in the body that is built for pleasure. Vibrators come in all shapes and colours as well. If you are worried if someone might find it, opt for the discreet look. There are a range of vibrating items that you could check out such as vibrating wands, small bulbs and vibrating panties. Looking for a vibrator? Purchase the best vibrator from Secret Cherry in Malaysia.


Plugs are used for the stimulation of the prostate. It is inserted into the anus, and left there for pleasure. The prostate is usually referred to as the male ‘g-spot’. It is able to exert pleasure like no other. But, plugs can also provide pleasure for women as well, since they have prostates as well. Either way, plugs come in various sizes and shapes. They are used for long-sessions and roleplay between partners.