Caring For Your Liver Health With Your Diet

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Our liver health is affected by a lot of things. Bad food, inactiveness, genetics, alcohol consumption, and even the increase in junk food the pandemic led us to. Many roles play in the way our liver functions but there are so many little things we can control about the functioning of our liver.

First of all, why is the function of the liver so important? Let’s get a short rundown of how our liver literally helps us stay alive. Our liver is great for many things. It helps us detoxify, excrete, make proteins, create blood, prevent diseases, absorb nutrients and so many more. Liver health is important even if it is the toughest and resilient organ in our body. To keep and maintain the miraculous regeneration capabilities of our lungs, it is our duty to keep them safe and healthy.

Unfortunately, a large part of the world’s population is suffering from liver diseases. Did you know that fifty million people around the globe are suffering the effects of liver disease? Millions are on liver supplement Malaysia provides. More than 700000 are suffering from liver cancer around the world and it has the highest mortality. Liver cancer is also one of the most common forms of cancer around the world. The mortality rate from chronic liver diseases makes sense even if it carries a heavy burden of the truth. People cannot survive without a liver. The liver was one of the first organs made in our body when we were fetuses. Believe it or not, it was created before blood started to pump. 

So it is our duty to nourish the liver. Consume the things our liver desires. Eat the medicine for hepatitis and treat the fatty liver with medicine for fatty liver in Malaysia. But before diving into medicine there are many great foods that can change the course of our liver health. These foods have benefits for our liver and can improve the health of the liver. 


Coffee has a very bad reputation of being only reserved for adrenaline addicts and people who fancy themselves Starbucks. But this is far from the truth. Coffee is a delicacy enjoyed in many parts of the world with rich grounded history. And it comes with so many rich benefits as well. Especially for our liver.

Many studies suggest that the liver has been significantly effective at reducing the risk of liver cancer. Coffee also has other effects on our psychology and motivation that are great to boost our mood for a workout. And workouts do effectively boost our liver health as well. 


Some of us cannot go without a nice avocado on toast. Some live for avocado butter and some cannot stand the taste of it. Whichever team of hate or love avocado teams you are, we cannot deny how good the food is for our liver. Avocados help boost the production of antioxidants in the liver that filters the blood and improve the detoxification process. 

There are so many fruits and greens that can immediately boost the health of our liver. Lucky for us our liver knows how to take a hint when we feed it good food. So it is important to consume superfoods such as carrots, oatmeal, green tea, fatty fish, omega 3 acids, grapes, grapefruits,  berries and so many more!