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Topik Hangat

Overall, the development in the new federal states is quite different. Only a few top locations have developed very well. This is especially true for buyers who are certified as having “very good future prospects”. For most of the rest of the new federal states, however, it looks rather bleak. Overall, the big cities and metropolitan regions are the clear winners. With a few exceptions, urban centers are the only areas that are not affected by the negative population development. 

Micro location: Which residential area is ideal for me?

The ideal residential area depends on personal requirements and, for example, age. A still young person will have completely different demands on their living environment than someone who has passed 60. The marital status and age of the individual family members also play a role. A young family with children will prefer a playground nearby and a younger population structure; Safe and short distances to kindergarten or school are also important. Singles and young people will prefer a city apartment to country life. At the time of opting for the mutiara damansara house for rent or the Mont Kiara house for rent, you can ask the following questions, knowing full well that you will be getting the right answers.


  • Which landscape do you feel comfortable in flat land, sea, or mountains?
  • Do you need a clear view or don’t you mind the nearest house ten meters away?
  • Do you want an urban location in the city or do you love the quiet in the country?
  • How far away can your job be? Do you accept more than 45 minutes of driving time?
  • What are your wishes for transport connections such as roads, railways, airports or local public transport?
  • Do you have children of school age or do they have to be taken to kindergarten?
  • How good is the infrastructure – doctors, shops, cultural offerings, public and private services – in the region?
  • Is there a wide range of leisure facilities, sports facilities, shopping facilities, cinemas, clubs, and cultural facilities?

You should also keep this in mind: environmental criteria

Noise: It depends on a person’s constitution, preferences, and mood whether noise is perceived as pleasant or as noise. Beware of road traffic noise, aircraft noise, sports facilities, and industrial noise surrounding the Mutiara Damansara property.

The first step is to define what your family needs in a property today. There are several items that must be put on the scale when searching for a property on the market. How many people will actually live in the residence? How many bathrooms are needed? And the size of the living room, kitchen, and other rooms? Does the master bedroom need to be a suite?

Last Words

To decide what your needs are, you need to check the size and composition of your family. For example, a young couple without children may be content with a one-bedroom residence. On the other hand, if you are planning the arrival of another member, you need two rooms. For those with small children, thinking about infrastructure is a rule. For example, a condominium’s playground and playroom may be relevant factors.

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