Gacha vs Lootbox: The Modern Era Of Gambling

Topik Hangat

Gambling has evolved over the course of many generations. Technology has allowed gambling to evolve and introduce more games for gamblers to throw their money at. The purpose of gambling allows the poor to become poorer and the rich to become richer and it is not limited to certain types of games. Gambling can be something that is agreed by 2 parties or a private, more immoral game occurring behind the curtains that only certain types of people will know about. In this article, we are going to talk about loot boxes and gacha, the most hated and controversial genres in this decade.

Loot box, as the name suggests, a box that contains random assorted items that are given to players for free when they obtain the box after they meet certain requirements. The rarity of the items players will get are not bound to any system which means that they can receive a box full of common rarity items. On some occasions, however, loot boxes can give items that will drop at a certain rarity or above to encourage players to participate in events and obtain that loot box instead. However, this encourages players to spend money to buy more boxes to have a chance to obtain time-limited items, including during holiday seasons like Christmas, Halloween and Chinese New Year where most gaming companies will introduce cosmetics that are themed based on those holidays. This has become a major trend among the gaming community as it would help developers to generate more income.  A game publisher company called Electronic Arts, or EA, took this a step further by locking both cosmetics and playable characters behind a loot box. This has caused an incident which has led to their summoning to court. They defended their practices by calling it “surprise mechanics” instead and it outraged everyone in the gaming community and tarnished their name even further. 

Besides from that, another aspect that can compete with loot box for being as equally scummy is the gacha genre, which involves players to spend in-game currencies to get a chance for a high rarity unit. Unlike loot boxes, gacha games heavily encourage their players to roll for characters through what we call them as “banners” to build a team and proceed the story. In some cases, some units in gacha games are essential to continue with the story as they have abilities that are specifically helpful for those situations. Although this could be countered with the friend support system, it is still not enough to help players to go through progress in certain parts of the main story.

While there are “best online casino”, there are no “best gacha games” or “best loot box” in the gaming community. The only thing that makes them better is the drop rates of items and units from these genres as some games would have a pity system which would guarantee players to receive the highest rarity unit or items. 

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