best nipple shield Malaysia

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It is a lovely and priceless experience for mothers to be able to bond with their children through breastfeeding. After birth, infants have an urgent desire to feed, and during the first several days of their lives, the only thing they are able to digest is their mother’s milk. Despite this, some nursing mothers feel discomfort, and some newborns have trouble initially latching on to their mother’s breasts. For that purpose, have a look at this item, which is the best nipple shield Malaysia. Because of this, all of you who are currently carrying a child should seriously consider purchasing a nipple shield for your unborn child. 

best nipple shield Malaysia

What exactly is a nipple shield?

Nipple shields are made of silicone and are designed to place on the nipples of nursing moms to make the experience more comfortable for them. It functions similarly to the silicone cap that is found on nursing bottles, with the exception that this one is designed to be worn on the mother’s nipples.

Yes, you may nurse directly, but the majority of moms and newborns do not have the advantage of a smooth and uncomplicated nursing experience. Consequently, the existence nipple shield is one of the ways to facilitate breastfeeding.

What are the pros of using a nipple shield?

When a woman and her child are unable to have a good breastfeeding session, they commonly turn to the use of nursing bottles as an alternative. In order to improve the infant’s ability to latch on and promote the flow of milk, the nipple section of the nipple shield has been perforated with a series of tiny holes. In addition, the majority of nipple shields are quite thin, translucent, and flexible, qualities that make them exceptionally simple to apply and thoroughly clean. Because of its compactness, it is particularly convenient, as it enables moms to take it and use it anywhere.

Who does the nipple shield benefit?

It benefits both the babies and the nursing mother. The factors as to why they need the nipple shield are what one needs to look at, to understand why the nipple shield was created in the first place. 

best nipple shield Malaysia

Some of them are unable to breastfeed “naturally” like other moms, and as a result, they require additional advice and guidance to ensure that both the mothers and the newborns are able to spend quality time together while also providing the babies with the nutrition they need. Here are some of the factors as to why a nipple breast is needed:

Flat or Inverted Nipples 

If a mother’s nipple is flat or inverted, she will have a more difficult time nursing her infant than one whose nipple is normally pointed. There’s a common misconception that breastfeeding is impossible for mothers who have a flat or inverted nipple. But that’s not the case; these moms can have healthy babies. They only need more hands on deck to complete the job. Their nipple shield may double as an extra nipple, making it easier for babies to latch on and increasing the amount of time they spend interacting with their caregiver skin-to-skin.

Premature Babies

Babies who are born early are more likely to get sick or die in their first few months of life. Even full-term babies are very fragile and easy to hurt, so think about how hard it must be for babies born early. Most premature babies are taken to the Newborn Intensive Care Unit because they are not as healthy or developed as full-term babies and need special care (NICU). Since preterm babies don’t have the muscles to latch on to their mothers’ nipples yet, this could be an option for these moms.