Having A Baby Is A Privilege, Not A Right

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Having a baby is a privilege, not a right. It is the role of the parents/guardian to take good care of their baby by ensuring the baby grows up in a healthy environment and surroundings. It is really a shame when babies or kids grow up in a war-torn country, destroying their childhood and hopes and dreams for them. However, in a peaceful war-free country. Parents can ensure to take care of the baby in a peaceful environment.

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As you know, not all women have the ability to give birth. So it is indeed a blessing to give birth to your own child. Giving birth to your own child will let you experience how your mother feels when giving birth to you. With that, you will appreciate your child more than ever.


Not all babies have the privilege to grow up in a loving and healthy environment. It is vital to give all the love and care that your baby needs as it is proven to have many health benefits to your baby. First off, it is important for children to get more attention than for adults. Giving love and attention will help them to develop self-esteem and a positive image when they grow up. Besides that, it also makes your child physically healthier and it also improves their brain development and memory. Choose the best mother care nursing sets malaysia to nurse your baby.


It is important to avoid your baby growing up in a hostile environment. That is because this will affect their brain development when they grow up. Thus, they will have difficulty in learning and will face many issues in the future in life.


It is said that having a baby is not a right, but a privilege. It needs to be earned and worked for. There are also sacrifices that you need to make physically and mentally as getting a baby will change your life dramatically. You need to be prepared for this change. Lastly, your baby does not owe you anything as it is ultimately your decision to bring them to this world. So, keep this mindset of not having this thinking that your baby owes you anything in the future. Do the best of your ability to give your baby the love and attention they need. 

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To conclude this article, having a baby will dramatically change your lifestyle forever. It is certainly a privilege as some parents/guardians do not have the chance to take care of their baby in a healthy environment. Thus, good intentions will have their rewards. As mentioned in the article above, you should not enforce any unnecessary rules on your baby when they grow up as it is the parents’ responsibility to bring them to this world. So, do the best you can to make them the best version of themselves when they grow up.