How To Make Passive Income

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Here’s the issue, we are in a pandemic and people are losing money. This is because a lot of businesses had to close down and a lot of people lost their jobs. So, how do we fix this without causing another outbreak or causing cases to rise? Well, by making a passive income. Finding a way to make passive income is the best solution to make money with barely any physical effort. You could stay at home or separate yourself from society and still make an income. Say you’ve lost your job at a Hufcor movable partition manufacturer, you can just stay at home and make a lot of money!

A passive income is, as mentioned earlier, a way to earn money with little to no effort. People have been doing it for years and we’ve just never noticed. That is because of the sole fact that it is passive. We do not see it being done but it is being done by a lot of people. 

There are many benefits when you’re earning a passive income, you could even do it while you’re working a full-time job. It wouldn’t be hard since it doesn’t require much of your energy to earn money in a passive way. Plus, with the extra money you’re making, you could retire early and enjoy life. So, here are a few ways to earn a passive income:


People have invested their money for generations now. That’s how most big businesses get an income too. They would invest in other smaller or bigger companies so they would earn money when the company that they invested in earns money. As an individual, you too can invest in any company that is available or companies that accept investors for a small favour in return. Most of the time, the favour is just to recruit more investors or promote the company. Other than that, in Malaysia, there’s a program called ASB (Amanah Saham Bumiputera) which is a unit trust fund for Malaysian Bumiputeras. This allows Malaysian Bumiputeras to invest a sum of money into an account and that sum will increase over time. This is very beneficial for anyone in the long run.

Online Business

There are a lot of online businesses on the Internet. From homemade jewellery to reselling branded items, a majority of our society finds financial stability in starting up online businesses. Nowadays, managing an online business is made easier with the help of social media platforms and online shopping platforms. You could sign up to be a seller on any online shopping platform. If not then you can simply make a social media account for your online business and just manage your selling on your chosen platform like Facebook, Instagram or even Twitter.

Rent Out A Property

This would require you to invest a bit more money than the other two ways. You’d have to buy a property like an apartment, condo or house and rent it out to people. A lot of people do this and earn thousands in a month. Once you’ve bought a property, you could easily advertise your property on an online renting platform. This will help people see your advertisement and encourage people to rent your property. 

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