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How To Reduce Your Children’s Fighting


To be a parent is to understand conflict management and resolution, especially when you have many children. It is common for them to fight and squabble and argue. So how do you get them to get along? A peaceful household is difficult to achieve, and when there is a bit of quiet it is not guaranteed to last long. Shouting at your children will not always help the situation, and all it will achieve is a momentary silence filled with your own raised voice. Handling the problem requires tact. The good thing about children is that they often forget their fights and go back to being playful soon after, however some fights can be bad enough to form a rift. Here are some ways to help your children get along. 

1.     Set the rules 

Setting the rules from the get-go decides the punishment for breaking them. A set of rules on what to do when your kids get angry is important as it gets them to figure out who was wrong or how things went side-ways from a certain point. Mind you, rules will not be enough to prevent the fighting, but the consequences could reduce the likelihood of fights breaking out in the first place. Hitting could result in grounding or special privileges being revoked such as no T.V or video games, any fun activities that will mean something. Children will often avoid having their gadgets taken away and be more careful about what they do and say to each other. 

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2.     Get them talking

Talking is important, and listening is even more important. Get your children to talk to one another to understand why they feel the way they do. Oftentimes, talking grows into understanding and acknowledgment of wrong-doing. It is a good way to encourage your children to talk about their feelings and express themselves in a healthy manner. You can be the mediator to ensure that the session goes accordingly and doesn’t break out into another fight or an argument. Turn-taking is important. Each child deserves to feel heard and acknowledged. If talking proves to be difficult, have them write things down. Some fights are not as petty as we think, and many of them stem from a deeply rooted problem that is not easy to navigate.

3.     Keep things out of the way

It doesn’t help if Malaysia’s top baby care products end up being ruined in fights, so move things out of the way to prevent your children from hurting themselves in their tussles. We don’t condone physical fighting, but it happens sometimes, so it is best to ensure that there is nothing of importance in the way to prevent serious injury. It is not the best tactic to provide a solution to fighting, but it does make it easier to handle the aftermath.