Sea Creatures You Should Be Scared Of Instead Of Sharks

Topik Hangat

For some reason, people are always scared of sharks. Just kidding, it’s not for some reason, it’s because of how sharks are portrayed in movies. In movies, they show that sharks will always go after you. That is not true at all. We’re not even the natural prey for sharks. Shark attacks only happen when they mistake you for a weird-looking fish. Anyway, when you’re swimming in the ocean or going for diving classes Malaysia or anywhere else, there are a few, more dangerous, animals to look out for. 


Pufferfish, although small, are very lethal. These fish that are slightly bigger than a teacup have a defence mechanism that can leave them very toxic and deadly to other species of fish. This has caused them to have very few natural predators because once caught, the will inflate into a state where they make it impossible for predators to eat them. Plus, some species of pufferfish have boney spikes that spike up when they inflate, further making them impossible to be eaten. Their toxins are deadlier to humans, a lot deadlier than cyanide. However, pufferfish meat is considered a delicacy, named fugu in Japan. Only trained and licenced chefs are allowed to serve them because one wrong cut can make the dish very lethal to the consumer.

Box Jellyfish

Measuring almost as long as 6 feet compared to a 6-foot tall human, this creature is known as one of the deadliest creatures on earth. They’re named after their box-like hood or bell. Connected to the bell is up to 15 tentacles per corner. The reason why the box jellyfish is so deadly is because of the potent venom found on their tentacles. Each tentacle has over 5000 stinging cells. Unlike other jellyfish, box jellyfish are rather evolved. They move rather than just drift in the water and can jet up to 4 knots. Also, they have eyes on each side of their bell. Once in contact with their victim, the venom attacks the heart, nervous system and skin cells. A human, upon contact, can instantly go into shock and drown before they even get to reach the shore. Even if you survive, you’d feel the pain for several weeks. The worst part is, these creatures are translucent and practically invisible in the water.

Cone Snail

If you’re by the beach and see a pretty shell, be cautious before picking it up because there might just be something still living within it. That something might be a cone snail. Their shell is shaped like a cone and within it, there lives a snail that can be deadly towards its prey or even towards us. When a predator or a human gets too close, they shoot out a harpoon-like tooth that has venom glands. Let me paint you a picture when they catch prey, they use that tooth to hold on to them and eventually the venom deteriorates the flesh of their victims so the cone snail can swallow their prey whole. There are reported human deaths by cone snail stings.

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