Should Online Classes Be Continued Post-Pandemic

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In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, every student notwithstanding educational level is forced to study from home via online classes and has since sparked debate from two separate teams with different viewpoints concerning online classes. While it is not entirely up to us as students to decide on whether to carry on with or put an end to online classes once the pandemic cools down, in this very article as I am not representing anybody’s views, I condemn the virtual approach of attending classes and here are my reasons supporting my point of view : 

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Increased Workload 

While it may sound pleasing to the ears being able to learn in our utmost comfortable state and spots, our workload has seemingly increased because we were presumed to be taking the easy way out. Little did our institutions understand, it is not easy whatsoever. Credits should be given to students residing in rural regions whose internet connectivity is not as sturdy as that offered in the Unifi package yet, has gone all out to obtain the coverage needed just to meet their deadlines promptly. 

Poor Education Quality 

Educators should also be granted the credits they deserve when switching their teaching materials into softcopy forms suitable for their students to gain access to. In this very unprecedented pandemic period, all educators whether they are technology geeks or not, are forced to adapt to this new way of teaching and are doing their very best. Though should not be blamed on all possible costs, the quality of our education which is supposedly on par with the fees we paid for has since been distorted. Just because we resonate with the struggles our teachers or lecturers have to go through when making learning fun for students online, that does give us the obligation to allocate the same amount of budget on a semester that we hardly benefit from. 

Ineffective Human Interaction 

While we are allowed to avail ourselves of social networking channels (Whatsapp, Telegram, WeChat, etc) to collaborate with our classmates when trying to get a group project done. Easier said than done, it is difficult to get the cooperation needed from each and every group member whose contribution is supposedly given in equivalent amounts. Over time, this predicament can be pretty unjust and toxic, just because we have a better internet connection than others, does not mean we need to put in the extra effort. 

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