The Future of Interior and Exterior Designing

Topik Hangat

In the old days, designing takes a lot of time, effort and accurate measurements before companies could start building. But now, we still implement the old methods with the help of technology to make our life much easier and allows us to become more effective and productive in our work. For some companies, they have implemented the use of virtual reality, or VR, to showcase the details of their products more effectively to their customers. So, how does this new technology contribute in construction?

Some of these interior and exterior design companies are responsible for some of the most eye-catching buildings you see today. It is the job of exterior design companies to create buildings that stand out from how most of our buildings look today or to replace old buildings to better looking ones while interior design companies are in charge of complementing the exterior design of the buildings and create an atmosphere that will suit its appearance. Besides that, residents are able to contact interior design companies to change or add more furniture in the house which gives them more freedom on customizing their interiors than the exteriors as the exterior is harder to measure, change and design.

With the recent development of technology, both of these companies could take advantage and create a unique experience for their workers to work more effectively and productively while allowing their clients to view their previous projects to enable more detailed observations as they explore. So far, Norm Designhaus is the only interior design company to implement virtual reality to allow their clients to “walk” through their previous projects which provides a better view on their designs than what they can see from the pictures that are provided in most companies’ websites. Exterior companies could use virtual reality to help obtain more accurate measurements of the area they plan to build their projects on. With how convenient and effective our current technology is, designers have the freedom to draw and make adjustments on the fly without losing too much time on their work. Additionally, residents may be able to use this technology to create measurements on their own to help their desired companies get a better idea on what they want to add in their home. Additionally, exterior design companies could use VR to explore the area of their project to observe and analyze their surroundings to help them plan and design their future products more effectively.

As technology continues to evolve, we may see augmented reality become a usable tool in the future as it will allow us to project holograms of design to make their work much easier like how Tony Stark uses augmented reality to design his Iron Man suits. For us commoners, we will be able to use augmented reality to project a simulation of the houses we wish to “walk through” without physically visiting the site’s location which enables us to analyze the interior design of the house without wasting our time. Although we may not see augmented reality soon, it will change our daily routine as we know it.

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