The General Idea of Home Decorating in 2021

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Other than home decor themes, there are some basic things that can be used as a reference when you want to change home decor are space, color, texture, and pattern. You already know that the design of your home can be refreshed without having to completely renovate. It depends on the elements used and how you choose to decorate the house! Some people already have an idea of what they want, but if you are among those who still don’t know how or where to start, this article is for you. Don’t be too stressed out figuring out how to furnish your home because it’s as easy as rearranging your furniture to maximize space. Understanding the important elements related to home decor will be able to help you integrate those ideas better.

The House Itself 

The condition of the house itself plays a major factor in decorating or beautifying your house. The condition of a clean and tidy house plays a major role in evoking a more positive atmosphere or mood. After a day out, a tidy house helps a person feel more relaxed. There are lots of empty houses in Dengkil that offer breathtaking scenery if you are looking for one! 

Living Room 

The living room is the place used to receive guests. Therefore, in a building layout, the living room is always placed in the front row of a house. As the first space visited by guests, creating a living room requires special attention in terms of design and decoration to provide a sense of comfort. In addition, the design of the living room also reflects the character of the homeowner. This is where you add a touch of yourself, your partner and the people that you love. 

You don’t have to use too much furniture, just use simple furniture that has many functions.

You should also choose good furniture and layout wisely. The right arrangement of furniture will definitely make your living room more beautiful and tidy. To add a spacious effect to the living room of the terrace house, you can reduce anything that seemed awkward to any space like the dividers in the living room.

Dining Area/Room 

Furniture stores provide a wide variety of products from a variety of different materials and designs. When choosing one into a small size room, you need to consider certain characteristics. This will allow you to create a comfortable and modern living room that suits for all occasions. 

For instance, a table that is made of wood is perfect. Not all wooden types though. It must feature durable wood furniture and be environmentally friendly. Alternative for wooden materials are chipboards. Chipboards are environmentally-friendly too. It is also lighter. If you have a limited budget, it is better to choose a cheaper option like a metal table. They are light, strong, and resistant to thirst. This is suitable if your home theme is industrial or organic. To decide to buy a metal table, you need to think carefully about the design and interior of the room. Metal tables will fit into a modern, simple and greyish interior.

Extra Tips!


You can use wallpaper as a design to feature a more beautiful but low budget living room. Don’t underestimate the power of wallpaper. This design emphasizes the selection of wall decoration motifs to feature beautiful, sweet, and comfortable shades. You can choose the wallpaper according to the shades, pattern and style that you want.

Decorating a house is a fun process! Don’t be too stressed out while doing so. Enjoy the process okay?