Things You Can Do When You’re 21

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Things You Can Do When You’re 21

Are you a 21- year-old eager to spread your imaginary wings and conquer the world? We hope you are because this article was made just for you. Till you’re 21, you’re not really considered a full-fledged adult. Even if you’re 20, you still need your parents if you’re going to buy a property – if you have the means. So, we listed down some things you can do when you’re 21. We hope you get to try some of these.

First of all is a dream to many. When you turn 21, many young adults head to the nearest pub or bar to take a sip of alcohol. It may seem as a sensitive topic but it is true. You need to be 21 to drink in Malaysia. In Malaysia, non-Muslims flock the bars when they’re 21 to proudly flash their IC to show that they are legitimately 21. There is pride behind the not fake ID. Although not all your peers can drink, they can look at you with envy and watch you take your first sip of the beverage of your choice before they do. It’s a significance that shows now you’re old enough to be responsible to yourself.

Next, you can go to a casino when you’re 21. Seen all those adverts pointing to malaysia online betting ? Showing you all of their wins and how they can enter the Casinos such as the one in Genting Highlands, well now you can too. When you’re 21, you can walk into the casino like it’s your runway and gamble. Just don’t gamble too much or you’ll end up broke. You can now have your first touch of those betting chips and maybe have a game or two for fun. This activity is really famous among 21-year-old Malaysians as they are excited to walk into the casino hall for everyone to know that they’re 21.

You can now ask for a loan. You can now go to a bank and ask for a loan if you need one. Before you head out the door to ask for one, wait. You can’t just go to a bank and ask for a loan and expect them to give it. You need to prove that you’re eligible to pay the loan back. The minimum age to ask for a loan is 21 and you can do so after you’ve proved your finances to the bank. You’ll need your income tax if you earn more than RM3k per month, you’ll also need your pay slip or an SSM if you’re doing a business. You’re not in luck if you think banks hand out money to anyone who just asks for one. Try one after you get a job, they’ll give you.

Although all these are not applicable to everyone, these are some things you can do when you’re 21. You can explore some of these options yourself but be careful of what you can and cannot do. If you’re 21 and you’re reading this congratulations! You’ve hit a major milestone in your life and we hope you continue to make more achievements. Good luck.