Unraveling Unraveled: Top 4 BDG Videos That You Can Watch On YouTube

Topik Hangat

The YouTube fan base was rocked a couple weeks back when Brian David Gilbert, a popular YouTuber and video producer from famous video-game content company Polygon, announced that he was finally leaving the company to make his own videos. The news was met with an almost universal bittersweet response – on one hand, fans were happy for his decision and wished him nothing but the best. On the other – where else can we get our source of funny, chaotic, and occasionally cursed video energy now? 


For two years already, Gilbert (commonly known online as ‘BDG’), had headed the popular and massively successful YouTube Polygon video series ‘Unraveled’; wherein he commonly attempted to answer (or ‘unravel’) strange questions in video games, usually to the theatrical detriment of his on-screen sanity. The series was funny enough, strange enough, and deeply chaotic enough to make it’s rounds on YouTube; and in just a couple of months, many of his videos were averaging about 1 to 2 million views on YouTube. 

Outside of producing content for Polygon, BDG would also occasionally post videos on his own channel ‘Brian David Gilbert’ (which currently has about 600k subscribers); all of which were similarly charged with an even stranger, deeply cursed, and distinctly BDG-esque chaotic fervor. So to celebrate the ending of the popular Unraveled series, as well as BDG’s potential future content, here’s a list of the top 4 BDG videos that you can watch on YouTube right now! 

(P.S.: This list will draw on videos from both Polygon as well as his personal channel). 

1. The Perfect PokeRap (Unraveled) 

Perhaps one of Unraveled’s most famous videos, The Perfect PokeRap sees BDG ‘perfecting’ the original – and, according to him, criminally bad – Pokerap ending from the old Pokemon animated series. Other than being enduringly catchy, BDG’s version of the PokeRap is split into three segments – the first part as a regular ‘Pokerap’ strung with Pokemon names, the second being an ‘educational rap’ where he sings about (using Pokemon name puns) the dangers of drug addiction, and the third being an epic crescendo (complete with a ‘dream ballet’) in which he belts out his childhood passion for ‘perfecting the PokeRap’, his anger at childhood acquaintance ‘Kevin Punt’, and his sorrow for trading his beloved childhood Pokemon, ‘Terry the Tangela’, to him to complete his Pokedex. 

Yes, we’re not joking (go watch it). 

2. Every Sonic Game Is Blasphemous (Unraveled) 

Another popular and deeply cursed Unraveled, ‘Every Sonic Game Is Blasphemous’ is a video where BDG uses the first draft of written Sonic the Hedgehog lore as a sacred ‘Sonic Bible’ to critically bash every modern Sonic iteration as being ‘blasphemous’ for not following the original source material. 

If that’s not weird enough, the video ultimately escalates to him screaming a now infamous line at the camera: ‘then Sonic either is God, or could kill God, and I do not care if there is a difference!’ 

Again – we’re not joking (this video is very real). 

3. Earn 20k EVERY MONTH By Being Your Own Boss

The latest video on BDG’s personal channel, ‘Earn 20k EVERY MONTH By Being Your Own Boss’ not only perfectly demonstrates BDG’s talent for humor, but also affinity for horror and cinematography as a whole. While ostensibly a funny skit mocking typical scam videos, the video eventually devolves into a surreal horror short film; in which BDG, now earning a ludicrous amount of money by being his ‘own boss’, faces down a rabid clone of himself in dark woods – and seemingly ends up being replaced. 

4. We Made All 78 Breath Of The Wild Recipes In One Day (Unraveled) 

This classic Unraveled video sees BDG, accompanied by a friend, demonstrate his culinary art (‘seni kulinari’) skills in the culinary field by making all 78 recipes from the game Breath of the Wild – or, more accurately, his lackthereof. 

Instead, far from any type of culinary arts course (‘kursus seni kulinari’), the whole video becomes a mess of recipes all made in a wok (because it was quicker) without any form of seasoning whatsoever (because the game itself rarely required seasonings for the recipes). We basically just watch BDG and his friend agonize over eating increasingly dubious meals for half-an-hour – which is, you know, pretty awesome. 

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