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When You Can Opt for the TM Unifi Fibre Broadband Malaysia Services

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While speeds may vary from one technology to another, reviewing the potential of each configuration illustrates the sometimes glaring difference in performance. First of all, a distinction is made between High-Speed ​​offers and Very High-Speed ​​offers. 

HD internet boxes use ADSL and VDSL technologies. With an ADSL internet box, the potential in terms of downlink speed can reach up to 25 Mbit / s. Regarding the upstream flow potential, this can be 15 Mbit / s. With a line using VDSL, the potential remains the same for upload but the download speed can reach up to 70 Mbit / s. Browse here for TM Unifi fibre broadband Malaysia.

Browse here for TM Unifi fibre broadband Malaysia

For High-Speed Options

For Very High-Speed ​​offers, there are different alternatives including Fiber. On the one hand, the coaxial offers most often use Fiber to the building, the rest of the line then generally being provided by telephone cables. As a result of this mix, the speed is much more efficient than what ADSL or VDSL offers, but remains less optimized than a line exclusively provided with optical fibre. For coaxial offers, download and upload speeds can reach up to 200 Mbit / s and 50 Mbit / s respectively. Finally, fibre optic offers to the home can provide speeds of 1 Gbit / s for download and 500 Mbit / s for upload. You should obviously know that these theoretical speeds vary from one internet service provider to another. Looking at the offers dedicated to companies, performance is also much more important.

What You Can Find?

Regarding the 4G mobile network, we also find speeds much more advantageous than those offered by ADSL. In download, the theoretical speed can thus reach 75 to 150 Mbit / s. This performance is also influenced here by the quality of the network coverage as well as the compatibility of the device. In any case, having good 4G coverage is essential to ensure clear communications and have high-performance Internet access. While smartphones have become real work tools, like managing emails or using professional applications, staying connected is imperative.

How to Test the Quality of Its Flow?

If the fixed and mobile telephony operators put forward often interesting speeds, the reality may be quite different. Generally, the length of the line as well as the quality of the network coverage has a not insignificant influence on the speed.