Why do we need medical studies?

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As people’s living standards improve and their need for health grows, the role and value of doctors become increasingly important. The current situation in some of the societies where medicine and doctors are not valued is just the darkness before the dawn, and this will surely pass. Doctors will become the most valued profession and only the best will be able to become doctors. If you have made the plan, you may have to take a bachelor of medicine and surgery in Malaysia

First of all, medicine is the study of the human body, which is useful for oneself and one’s family, and one can take care of those around them. Then, the learning mindset of medicine, especially in the face of life and death, speeds up the process of understanding life and gives a different perspective on dealing with various things in society. Lastly, I believe that in the end, society will always develop and doctors will always be respected.

What lies behind its profound discipline is the constant melody and eternal pursuit of loving life, caring for life, devoting oneself to it and devoting one’s life to it. When one finds the value of one’s own existence in helping others and receives great spiritual satisfaction and soul comfort from the realisation of self-worth, the feeling of happiness and pleasure is unparalleled. Imagine what greater value can there be than life? What other value is nobler than life? What other profession is more sacred than saving human lives? More so, it allows the practitioner to help others while at the same time giving himself immense joy and happiness?

It is good for medical students to find their own meaning, and in the process, they will certainly reflect, summarise and generalise. It can lead to a better journey. But the embodiment of meaning in a medical student’s life lies in the little things in life. There is no lack of beauty in life, but rather the need to find the eye of beauty and a sincere heart. Fate is full of misfortune, our life is not as full as the ideal, but it does not seem to have the bones that others say, perhaps we are not able to create brilliant achievements, but the unique meaning of each of us is exactly what we love life and struggle on, countless unique we make up this beautiful light. 

Whether you will become a doctor or not, but since you have chosen the path of medicine, I hope that every medical student will become a good doctor and benefit the world.