Why You Should Study Pharmacy

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diploma in pharmacy Malaysia

If you have an interest in studying medicine, you do not have to worry whether there aren’t any suitable medical studies for you. That is because by choosing to study in a medicine-related field, you can choose something like pharmacy if that is in your interest. So, besides just saving lives and treating illnesses, studying for a diploma in pharmacy Malaysia is a good option for you!

Why should you pick up pharmacy studies? Well, that is because this course is exciting and rewarding. Besides that, by studying pharmacy, there are many ways you help people, you can build your career for the better. So, in this article, we will explain why you should study pharmacy.

1.Saving lives and making people healthier

There are just so many ways you can save a life in the medical field. Saving lives isn’t just about treating wounds or performing surgery. By getting a pharmacy certificate (diploma/degree) studies, you are officially a medication specialist. With your speciality, you will be able to determine what type of medicine people can diet, determine their diet and their lifestyle. In short, you will be the frontlines of medicine to prevent disease and treatment every day. Making you a healthcare hero.

2.Career advancement

By studying pharmacy, you won’t be dispensing medicine behind the counter forever. There are actually three types of pharmacy jobs:

  • Community pharmacy
  • Hospital pharmacy 
  • Clinical pharmacy 
  • Industrial pharmacy

In community pharmacy, you will see yourself working in clinics or hospitals. Besides just dispensing medicine, pharmacists will also provide health monitoring and health promotion. As for working in an industrial pharmacy, you will get to learn how to make medicine from scratch. So yes, by studying pharmacy, there are so many options for you to work in, in the future.

3.High demand job

As you know, the medical field is in high demand no matter what the situation is. By being a pharmacist, you do not have to worry about losing your job as people will always need health care. Besides that, there is an opportunity to work overseas as well.

4.Good career option if you do not like to see blood or perform surgeries

The truth is, not everyone is mentally strong enough to look at blood, Gorey stuff and not many can be skillful surgeons. That is a fact. But, that is totally fine! Being a pharmacist will also allow you to save lives, help people and make a difference. You are their saviour by prescribing the right medication for them. With the right advice and medication, you are able to heal someone with your knowledge. That alone is already satisfying. At the end of the day, the medical field has its own purposes where different roles have their own responsibilities. Hence, a pharmacist is about prescribing and dispensing the right medication for the patient.

We hope that this article manages to convince you to take up pharmacy studies. For more articles, click here.

diploma in pharmacy Malaysia